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The menu you’re seeing was born of a beautiful encounter: three friends, two countries and one city. Together, we dreamed of making Istanbul our home, and so we did. Now, we want to share that home with you.
So, welcome to Avokado Bar!
Here at Avokado Bar, all our ingredients are sourced locally and responsibly. Our seasonal dishes reflect the colours and moods of Istanbul, but they also reflect the flavours of our home countries.
Every dish is the perfect symmetry of South American zest and Middle Eastern textures. We take pride in serving only high-quality, fresh and non-processed ingredients, and the magical alchemy of our dishes is created in our own little kitchen. From carefully curated coffee selections to organic and sustainably sourced vegetables, each ingredient we serve has been hand-picked by specialised hands.
What’s more, we have vegan and vegetarian options and sugar-free treats carefully crafted for hungry peeps from all walks of life!
We believe food is an expression of our souls and we’re delighted to be able to share it with you.

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